New Aid Request Form

Aid Request Form

Everyday the Children of Central Asia Foundation works to help children in need. We depend upon supporters like you to help us identify areas of need and bring change to the lives of those who need it. The new online aid request form is a place where you can tell us about your project and what you need for it to be more

The Children of Central Asia Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children at risk.

Our Vision is to facilitate a strong, global effort that provides leadership, education, and support to children at risk.

Our Purpose is to ensure that the world's most vulnerable - especially children at risk - improve their lives and livelihoods in attaining full human dignity.

Our Mission is to fund, develop, pilot, and replicate local initiatives to serve the starving, homeless, poor, oppressed  street, abandoned, orphaned, special needs, suffering, war-zoned, underprivileged  and high-risk children around the world by providing special programs, residences, and education in otherwise destitute situations.


News and Updates

  • Rostok center donation drive!

    Hey All, as it starts to get cooler outside and you swap out your iced coffee's for pumpkin spiced latte's, think about taking a few of those dollars to help out the Rostok child Development Center.

  • One Day In Autism Center In Astana, Kazakhstan

    Learn how this art studio in Kazakhstan is using art to help the youth of Almaty Kazakhstan.

  • The Power of Art

    Learn how this art studio in Kazakhstan is using art to help the youth of Almaty Kazakhstan.

  • NEW teachers and NEW needs equal MORE teachers and MORE success


    вид в России

    When I worked in business, I always talked about two kinds of problems we could have: bad problems and good problems. I know today we don’t talk about “problems” anymore; they are “challenges” or “opportunities”, but call them what you want, they’re still problem situations to be dealt with. A bad problem? Workers sit at their desks with nothing to do. A good problem? There’s so much new work that everyone stays late and has no time for breaks.

    It seems we have a good problem.

  • Новые преподаватели - новые нужды = больше преподавателей - больше успеха


    View in English 

    Когда я работал в сфере бизнеса, я всегда разделял проблемы, с которыми мы можем сталкиваться на два вида: на плохие проблемы и на хорошие. Для общества, на сегодняшний день, проблемы перестали быть «проблемами», они приобрели новое название – «трудности» или «возможности». Вы можете называть их как угодно - они остаются трудными ситуациями, которые необходимо решать. Плохая проблема? Сотрудники сидят за рабочим столом, ничего не делая. Хорошая проблема? В офисе настолько много новых задач, что сотрудники задерживаются до поздней ночи, работая без перерыва. 

    Мне кажется, наша проблема - хорошая.

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